about us

Who we are

We are a boutique wedding styling team based in Sydney. We are the brainchild of a cheeky English chippy and a frustrated corporate event diva who gave it up to make “spark joy” moments amongst the hectic backdrop of a wedding.

We love creating stunning weddings – whether you want a no-fuss florals-only service, or the full custom TCO experience, you can count on our complete enthusiasm and dedication to your wedding.

Our vision

We love helping couples create the wedding of their dreams – whether that’s a huge 300 person wedding or a tiny elopement.

Sometimes it’s simple (and that’s beautiful!) – hire from our hire shop or order from our floral shop and we will deliver to you on the day and pick up again once it’s finished.

Sometimes it’s a sensational mess of wonderful ideas without a clear narrative – that’s okay we like sensational mess! Send us an email at hello@thechosenone.co to discuss a bespoke TCO package.

Ready to talk?

Contact us to see how we can help you put your perfect day together.